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"I don't believe I just make and sell cakes - I see my cakes as an expression of love.
I deliver feelings, sweets for a special moment and celebration -
I believe I deliver love in each cake I create"


About Me 

Daniela Nero - Creative Baker

Daniela has loved treats, family, and beautiful things since she was a little girl! She started to bake when she had her first daughter, Lyla - and baked her 1st birthday cake. It was love at first "bake"! With every birthday party Lyla's cakes got more intricate, and her love for both baking and decorating grew. Once her cakes were a huge hit at birthdays and family gatherings, they were quickly being requested. She continued to practice on her own, invested in many baking and decorating courses and watch hours of tutorial videos - letting her creativity bloom with each unique cake. The demand for more elaborated cakes grew and she decided to start DLicious Sweets, got her CT Cottage Food License and bake her creative cakes from her home kitchen. 


Daniela was born and raised in Brazil, and grew up with the most amazing - and big - family. Having sweets after meals was a daily tradition and her grandma is the best dessert maker out there. 

Daniela lives in CT with her husband - Michael, her daughters Lyla & Chloe, and their silver lab - Solo. She has a Bachelors in Communications, and was an Orthopedics Surgical Assistant for 12 years. She's an entrepreneur at heart, and has a passion for empowering women, she also owned a local boutique fitness studio - Arya Fitness - for the 5 years - and has her 200hr Yoga Certification. The studio closed it's doors in 2020 due to the pandemic. 

Her dream is to one day open a storefront bakery cafe so she can interact with all of her clients and share her passion for baking with her clients in person. 

She brings the energy, color, flavors and creativity from a girl who has been around the world and is passionate about spreading love one cake at a time. 

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